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Meet the awesome team behind parlay!

Mr. Walrus






I have two quick questions

First, are you tired of scams?

Second question, would you like to know with certainty who you are investing in?

Hi, my name is John Waltz, and I am the founder and creator of Parlay.

Now I am going to throw in a bonus question. Would you like the chance to own a stake in an online casino?

This nft will be your certificate of ownership.
All profits from our casino will be equally distributed based on the community’s vote. This will be created through our DAO, which will be established shortly after mint. We will also begin the implementation of the $tusk coin to be used in the casino as well as staking available.

perks for Parlay holders


  • Access to exclusive NFT and $TUSK airdrops
  • 3x staking
  • Enjoy exclusive games
  • $50 in free play monthly
  • 10% cash back monthly


  • Access to exclusive NFT and $TUSK airdrops
  • 3x staking
  • Enjoy exclusive games
  • $100 in free play monthly
  • 15% cash back monthly

soulbouncers Utility

SolBouncer holders will receive 7% cash back, $25 monthly free play, and access to exclusive games. Pit bosses will receive 10% cash back and $50 monthly free play.

Monthly Texas hold ’em lottery (10k in prizes monthly).

Staking amounts will be based on four tiers depending on the SolBouncer’s role. The higher the tier the higher amount you will receive. These roles in order from highest to lowest are vets, hustlers, fighters, and trainees. Trainees will earn 7 $BOUNCER daily, fighters 14 $BOUNCER, hustlers 28 $BOUNCER, and vets 56 $BOUNCER.

Starting in Q2 you can send two of your trainee SolBouncers to school (aka staking) for one month to earn a promotion. During this time, you will earn the normal staking rate. At the end of the months your SolBouncer will be promoted to either vet, boxer, or hustler and the trainees will be burned. Cost is 75 $BOUNCER.

Also starting in Q2 you can send two of your vets, boxers, or hustlers to pit boss training for one month while earning the normal staking rate. At the end of the month, we will recycle your two original NFTs for trainee promotions and you will receive a pit boss NFT. This will concentrate the revenue from the two original bouncers into one and increase that to a total three earners. Pitbosses will earn vet staking rates of 56 $BOUNCER daily multiplied by 3 for a total of 168 $BOUNCER.

Bouncers will use their own token at the casino and will be eligible to earn profits from the casino. The split will be like our partners but with better rates. SolBouncers will receive 90 percent of all profits that come in and Parlay will receive 10 percent. All revenue the bouncers receive will go to the community will go to the community and decided by the community how the funds are split and paid out.